Friday, December 10, 2010

Go with Bhuvan

      Hi folks!  If you have not a visited a particular place do not worry. Now, all you have to do is to sit in the comfort of your home, start your com, and log on to http:// bhuvan,  Then chose your place and be sure of having a really 3-d image of the area..

       How did you in such a lightening speed---assuming of course the com and the internet work (!)--reach the place? It is thanks to Bhuvan--the revamped and upgraded geoportal of Isro which wonderfully showcases Indian imaging capabilities. Trust Isro to do something great.

      There is a special section devoted exclusively to Indian remote sensing satellites and videos on how to to use the site. You will definately get hooked on to it. Secretary of India chapter of Moon Society, Pradeep Mohandas, informed me about the new Bhuvan  and I plan to seek his guidance on how to use it further.He is a compu savvy guy.

       Board Bhuvan anytime and you can enjoy a comfortable flight around the entire globe. While flying you can scan the satellite imagery with overlays of natural resource information, roads and geographic features. Not only this, but viewers can add their own points of interest and share them with others, chart routes, plot areas and calculate distances. Sure it is an interactive visualisation system  The upgraded version has made it really exciting and thrilling.If ``Beyond Moon and Mars'' succeeds in flying it confidently then it will make the first trip to Tirupathi and then to Sriharikota.

       It is a hit with scientists,academics and students and even the general public. It is definately an useful educational tool because students can use it to leam about places  they are studying. You can get info about topics like land use, agriculture, watershed development, weather services and disaster management.

        Check in, collect your boarding card and happy flying with Bhuvan.



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