Saturday, May 14, 2011

A film that shows promise----Go To The Moon with Chandrayaan, but on the celluloid

          Here is a different type of film about Chandrayaan and the man behind it is my good friend, Santosh George Kulangara---incidentally slated to be India's first space tourist. He was introduced to me by another close friend, Suhas Satam Naik, at the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai on a Saturday afternoon a few years ago.

         Santosh and his talented team have started a website about the film which is Spacebuffs can go to it and obtain full details about this unique project.

          The highly informative website contains a 11-minute trailer which only makes spacebuffs like ``Beyond Moon and Mars (BMM)'' extremely impatient to witness the actual film. We hope it is not too far away, and BMM has been literally telephoning Santosh daily to find out when it will be nationally released, especially in Mumbai.

            BMM as stated earlier has been completely involved with Chandrayaan right from its inception. It has even written a book about it ``Moonshot India,'' about this mission which is mainly for the younger generation. Chandrayaan is very much a part of BMM's life.

          Ever since Santosh informed BMM about the trailer three days ago, it has been seeing it every day. BMM covered the launch of Chandrayaan at Sriharikota on October 22,2008 and it knows exactly the tense and exciting moments which unfolded prior to the grand lift off. With the permission of Santosh this blog has the trailer on top.

         Hats off to Santosh for capturing the thrill and excitement, though dramatically, As Santosh told BMM, the film is not a documentary, but more of a science fiction. For example, when the person playing the role of Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, becomes very angry when something went wrong, one wonders whether the real Dr Annadurai is of this type. Far from it. But, then let us remember that the film is supposed to be science fiction. So some deviations from reality have to be accepted. Remember Apollo 13 which BMM has seen more than 10 times.

         What is noteworthy is that Santosh has managed to get the exact words uttered by the different directors in the mission operations control room giving the green signal of the launch.``We are a go for the launch;'' ``On board computers in flight mode;'' and ``real time systems activitated.''  This is one of the reasons why Dr Annadurai after seeing the trailer sent by BMM on Friday night said that he was impressed that the film has captured minute details of the Indian moon mission. 

          Equally significant are the scenes depicting the various Isro centres where the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and the satellite are taking shape.

          Regarding the person playing the role of Dr Kalam. Are you sure that is not the real Dr Kalam ? (!!!) What a resemblance. 

          Once again congrats to Santosh and his team on taking so much of trouble to portray the excitement and drama of the Indian moon mission in such a simple and interesting manner.  

           BMM is eagerly waiting to see the full film.     


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