Sunday, July 3, 2011

The legacy of the space shuttle...thanks Shatner

       T-five days and counting. On Friday evening (IST) if everything is a `go' then the space shuttle ``Atlantis'' will lift off from the Kennedy Space Centre bringing down the curtain on the nearly 30-year-old history of this highly controversial space vehicle who design and development triggered a considerable amount of debate even among Nasa officials.

       As the era is coming to an end, a lot of material many through videos is being made available on the net. One of them is an hour and 20 film about the space shuttle narrated by William Shatner which ``Beyond Moon and Mars (BMM),'' saw on Sunday evening and downloaded it.

       It traces the history of the vehicle and provides some excellent shots of the hitherto unseen aspects of the spacecraft. BMM has read some uncomplimentary reviews about this film, but it does not agree with these views.

       In the opinion of BMM, the film in a way compliments a very expensive book about the shuttle called ``Wings In Orbit,'' which it is currently reading. Like in the book, the film has a lot of in depth interviews with those connected with the shuttle programme. For those having what may be called ``space fever,'' like BMM
both the film and the book are definately a must.

      A few weeks ago, BMM recalls that the film was shown only for 14 minutes and many thought that it was the actual length of the documentary. BMM was in fact a bit surprised that there was so much of publicity for a mere 14-minute film. But, two days ago Nasa TV announced the screening of the film which was for 80 minutes.

      It is worth seeing any number of times.

      BMM has requested its good friend Pradeep Mohandas----BMM is sure that Pradeep is finding its passion for space a bit nuisance---to transfer it into a dvd and it hopes it will be done.

      Watch the film space freaks! 



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