Sunday, September 4, 2011

One year ago................September 5,2010.

        This blog, ``Beyond Moon and Mars,'' completes one year today---day which also celebrates Teachers' Day---September 5

        It was a Sunday evening and by sheer chance I logged on to this site when I was accessing data about the Apollo missions to the moon. I then named my new blog  ``Beyond Moon and Mars (BMM),'' reflecting my passion for space exploration. Why ``Beyond Moon and Mars?''  The reason is one now always thinks of flying beyond the moon!

        In this last one year BMM has covered almost every aspect this hi tech sector and initially BMM used to write daily, but lately the frequency has reduced because of other official committments. Whenever, there is an important launch, BMM now makes it a point to write a personal blog.

        This year there were two important space events---the 50th anniv of Yuri Gagarin's flight and the conclusion of Nasa's space shuttle era. BMM covered them in detail and a friend in Kerala responded by e mailing BMM stamps about Yuri Gagarin!

        All in all it has been pretty exciting writing the blog and BMM will continue do so.

        As launch commentators say before a lift off: ``God Speed and Good Wishes.''




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