Friday, October 14, 2011

Once again a very hearty congrats Isro

       U have done the nation proud again. Congrats Isro.
       On October 12, 2011, ``Beyond Moon and Mars (BMM)'' activated the computer and the TV to watch the launch of four satellites---Megha Tropiques, Jugnu, SRMSat and VesselSat-1 of Luxembourg.

       BMM had been informed that there would be live webcast of the launch. So it eagerly looked forward to it as it would provide a more clear coverage of the mission than the one on Doordarshan. Nothing really wrong with the Doordarshan coverage, except that the constant statements by the commentators and the videos tended to somewhat divert the viewer's attention from the drama and excitement which was taking place at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. It was for this reason that BMM was keen on watching the webcast rather than the doordarshan coverage.

       As we space buffs are miles away from the spaceport, we would like to be a part of the events atleast by listening to the countdown and other remarks made by those in the mission control room at Sriharikota. This is what happens when we watch a Nasa launch on Nasa TV.  But, to be honest the commentators of doordarshan unfortunately spoil the show!!!!!  Incidentally, it is time that Isro now thinks of starting a Isro TV.

      Unfortunately, because of some technical problems the webcast did not come on BMM's computer. Left with no choice, BMM had no choice, but to watch the launch on TV listening to the never ending remarks of the commentators!!!!!!!!!!

      The successful mission was historical in a number of ways and this aspect has been missed by many who have been associated with the flight. It was the first flight with a jointly designed Indo-French satellite, Megha-Tropiques; it was the first flight with an IIT-made satellite, Jugnu; it was the first flight in which two student satellites from two prestigious Indian educational institutions--IIT Kanpur and SRM University were launched together and it was a flight in which a Chennai-made satellite flew for the second time, the first one being Anusat of Anna University on April 20, 2009. . So, this mission opened a new chapter in Isro's 48-year-old history which has remained unnoticed.

      The webcast finally came on BMM's computer around 3.45, but there were several problems in playing  and downloading it. People have praised the quality of the webcast, and BMM hopes that Isro will have this arrangement for all its future missions.

      In the last 48 hours BMM has made several efforts to download the webcast, but not succeeded. Right now at the time of writing this blog BMM is in the process of downloading a 56-minute video from Youtube of the launch and it is keeping its fingers crossed. The other three pre launch Isro videos were downloaded easily.

      All in all a wonderful mission.

      Congrats again to Isro.







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